Eclipse Event Information

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible in a narrow strip across the United States. The map on this website shows events where you can safely watch the eclipse. Not all of the events will be inside the path of totality! With 300 million people an easy drive from the path of totality, you will want to pick a spot early.

The path of totality is shown as a blue line with the red lines showing the northern and southern limits where you can see a total solar eclipse. If you click on the yellow strips you can see about what time the eclipse will happen at the spot. The time is in UTC, so subtract 4 hours for the Eastern, 5 for the Central, 6 for Mountain, and 7 for the Pacific time zones.

You need special glasses, a pinhole projection box, or special filters for a telescope to safely view a solar eclipse. Only during the few minutes of totality is it safe to look at the Sun without protecting your eyes. The events on this map should be able to provide the glasses and other ways to view the Sun before and after totality.

People can register their events using the "Submit Events" tab and all of the events can be viewed in the "View Events Map" tab.

The "Search" window can be used to look up events in a city, state, or zip code. Selecting an event in the search results list will show it on the map.

Participating Organizations are listed at the bottom of the page, with a link to solar eclipse information at each organization.

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